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Perello Gordal Pitted Olives - 150g

Perello Gordal Pitted Olives - 150g

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 Spain grows more than twice as many olives as the next largest global producer and processes them into olive oil and table olives. There are a huge number of olive varieties amongst which the most popular table varieties include Manzanilla, Verdial and Picual.

These Gordal olives are green, crisp and fleshy with a touch of heat from the guindilla chillies in the marinade.





Water, olives, chilli (SULPHITES), salt, flavour enhancers: E621 and E635, acid: citric acid, antioxidant: E300. May also contain ALMONDS and FISH due to manufacturing methods.STORAGE & CAREAmbient. Once opened keep refrigerated below 8°C in a non-metallic container, covered in the brine, and consume within 7 days

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