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Pastificio Del Colle - Farfalle - Summer

Pastificio Del Colle - Farfalle - Summer

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Pastificio Del Colle's farfalle summer (Summer butterfly) pasta is sure to bring sunshine to every table. Bursting with colour, this delicious 250 g bag contains yellow, purple, green, orange and blue striped butterfly bows that are sure to make any dish unforgettable. The vibrant shades come from natural ingredients such as beetroot and spirulina seaweed – so you can be sure that you're only introducing nature's finest flavours into your meal.

An easy addition of colour to your pantry – perfect for when guests arrive or as a last-minute lunchbox filler.  So add some emotion to your pasta with Pastificio Del Colle's rainbow striped farfalle – a bowl of wonderfully cheerful pasta awaits.

Ingredients: Durum WHEAT (60%), Water, Turmeric (2%), Beets (2%), Paprika (2%), Spinaches (2%), Apple and spirulina extract (2%)

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