Elizabeth Scarlett Ltd - Tiger Coin Purse

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* Dimensions: 16x10cm * 100% cotton velvet  * Gold zip closure * Machine Washable Inspired by the beauty of the Tiger and how they slink their way through the jungle with personality and power, Elizabeth painted these characterful cubs. Depicted with their signature black and orange coat and embroidered onto a rich velvet base, this striking design is perfect for someone who is independent and charismatic. “This collection is made up of some of our most loved designs, from the sell-out tiger cub to our signature striking zebra and elegant giraffe motifs. It’s so exciting to see what started as rough honeymoon-inspired sketches all the years ago go on to live a life of their own, adding a touch of the wild to our lovely communities' homes, travels and wardrobes while also raising money for vital wildlife conservation projects."